Making Friends Online

The internet has brought big changes to the world. Just like the invention of electricity. Industries used to run manually with human power. They now use electric power to run their machines. Internet also do the same, it change many systems. With video chatting people in Western Europe can chat with people in America. We can now know what is happening in different parts of world just in seconds. We can make a friend with people from other countries with the social network system available on internet.

There are so many social networks system on the internet. Some of you must have had it. For example there are Chatroulette and Omegle. Chatroulette enable you to have text chat while Omegle provide you with video chat feature. Are you bored with your current social networking? If you are you should try to visit is a site that enabling you to chat with other person freely. You do not have to register to use this site service. You can do anything in this site. You can both text chatting and video chatting.

Just like Omegle, this site video chat features enable you to have chat with stranger. You can choose your chat partner for entire world. The chat engine is very light. You can apply it on your low specification PC. It does not need high internet connectivity, what you need is the stable one.

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  1. nice post, salam blogger.
    mampir mampir ke blog saya juga :)

  2. brati just like camfrog ato ym dong?

  3. Hmm the advanced of online social media could kill the real social life. so we have to make it balanced online social life and offline social life. I haven't try about the chatroullete yet but for the omegle i think it's depend on your internet connection, the video chat on Omegle here is kinda lag and slow.