Interactive Learning with IT Task

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IT based learning is now become so popular in modern learning method. Since it is IT, the learning process is conducted by the help of computer and internet technology. For long distance learning, internet helps students and tutor get interactive communication.

IT learning task is very interesting for children than just paper books or classroom teaching because it is more colorful, has animation, and sophisticated. Using computer and online service, provides you IT based learning service for Math help. This web separates its service into two: Free Help and Paid Course which both can be accessed 24 hours a day. If you just want to ask for few homework items you cannot solve, you can ask for free Homework help. The online tutor will explain you the formula and process to find correct answer easily using interactive virtual board. It is automatically appear in your chat box to solve Math problems counting and calculation, so that you can understand explanation easily as if it uses common whiteboard.

For paid course, this web offers Algebra help 1 and 2 for K-12 students. While for colleague, this web offers Calculus help course package. Each of them has different fee for monthly payment. Besides math, this web also offers Physics help, biology, chemist, geography, and history. For easy access, you can join and create private account in this web.
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