How to Keep a Long-term Friendship in College or University

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Human beings are social beings. We need to interact, meet new faces, create new friendships, share out experiences, and grow. University is a perfect environment to develop new friendships and grow socially

You need friends to cope up with university/college life. College/university life is so demanding with a lot of activities tasks to accomplish. An extra hand from a good friend is what you need to leverage on the most. We can never be self-sufficient. Studying calls for group work. Borrowing is a must in school. It signifies what a good friend can offer.

The formation of friendship can be easy. But the essential thing is nurturing and maintaining a long friendship in college or university. Human beings are dynamic. How then can we maintain an association with the ever-changing human beings? We shall be sharing some tips of experts here. But before we look at how to keep a friendship, let us first understand why we need college/university friendship.

For better academic performance

Students with friends in university perform well in their studies. You need to understand that human beings are social beings. They need somebody to walk within their social life. During hard times they need somebody to empathize with them. On good days they need a person to celebrate together. Friendship makes students emotionally stable and performs well in their academies.

Socialization skills development.

Friends help you in socialization. As you socialize, you build on your personality and interaction skills. Fiends will help you grow your knowledge as you exchange ideas. As you teamwork with them, you build on your interpersonal skills. Friendship is very key in helping you grow in all dimensions.

How to keep long friendships in college

Maintain consistency in your personality

People get attracted by personality. You attract a group of individuals who like your character. Strive to be yourself as you keep on interacting with your friends. It will keep your friendship for a long time. People like learning their friends and understanding their behavior. That they like a person can predict his/her behavior at an hour of need. To initiate trust and maintain a friendship, have a predictable personality.

Be jovial

Have something unique that will keep you stick to your crowd. Be jovial. Friends remembering you and yearning to be in your company. Frequent interactions will cement your friendship together for a long time.

Be knowledgeable

Most people love hanging with resourceful people. A person who can challenge their wits and contribute to their knowledge. Having diverse information on a different subject will give you an advantage in building friendships. It will help you initiate a conversation that will maintain your socialization. Again different people have different interests and hobbies. Knowing much on a subject will help you blend with many friends regardless of diverse interests. This will glue your friendship on the campus for an extended time.

Eat together

People have bonded over food since immemorial. It is not an opposite scenario in university. Sit down with your friends as a family and enjoy meals together. If you cultivate this culture once in a while, you will make campus friendship stick for long.

Invite your friends for a normal solitary activity

Stop doing the activities you're considering private alone. For instance, you can invite friends for a fitness walk or run. Create fun in the activity and let everyone enjoy participating in it.
Be good.

Care of your friends

Be nice to all your friends. Check on them frequently and try to understand and reach out when in need. Maintaining goodness will keep growing your friendship after university.


We all need friends throughout our life. University /college is the best environment to make and grow healthy friendships. To take advantage of the social environment, learn to keep the friendship, and build it past university/college.
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