5 Benefits to Owning a Self Defense Weapon

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The United States constitutes 4% of the global population. However, Americans own 46% of civilian firearms worldwide. That translates to about 393 million firearms that are in civilian hands. India, which has a population of 1.339 billion people, has 71.1 million firearms in civilian hands. Many people are uneasy about this high volume of civilian firearms in America. However, no one questions the need for owning a self-defense weapon. For example, many people are now buying stun guns for self-protection. Here are 5 benefits to owning a self-defense weapon.

1.    Repulse Attackers

Violent crime consists of murder, rape, robbery, and aggravated assault. Property attacks include burglary, carjacking, arson, and larceny. These crimes are attacks on you or your property. What will you do when you face these kinds of attacks? A self-defense weapon repulses would-be attackers because they fear pain, incapacitation, and injuries. Remember, overpowering them is possible if you weaken them. They will run because they know you will hand them over to the police if you overpower them.

2.    Diffuse Situations

Sometimes, situations escalate as intense arguments ensue. People become agitated. In many cases, they will insult each other before they issue threats against one another. Eventually, one of the parties involved might feel so aggrieved that he wants to fight. You could be the person on the other end of this situation. What will you do when a situation reaches its boiling point? Will you stand aside as the individual beats you? Will you use your self-defense weapon to diffuse the situation? Using your self-defense weapon is the right thing to do.

3.    Walk Confidently

Criminals attack you where you are most vulnerable. That includes a dark alley, a lonely street, or an abandoned neighborhood. They know that you are vulnerable at this point and time. They also know that the possibility of people coming to your aid is low. Consequently, people fear such areas. You can defend yourself from an attack you if you have a self-defense weapon. You will proceed with your plans unimpeded if you have it. For example, you will go home after a late night at work even if you have to pass through a dark alley to do so.

4.    Defend Victims

Did you know that race was the motivation for 46.9% of hate crimes in the US in 2011? In the same year, sexual orientation was the principal factor for 20.8% of the hate crimes committed. In November 2018, an FBI report showed that religious hate crime had increased by 23% in the US. These statistics are an indication that someone around could be a victim of a hate crime. You can do something about it. For example, you can use your self-defense weapon to defend these innocent people against violent attackers. Moreover, you can use it to defend other victims of other crimes.

5.    Deter Crime

Multiple studies in the US have shown that increased police presence in a neighborhood deters crime in that area. Other studies show that criminals are less likely to attack a person if they suspect that the individual carries a gun. In summary, criminals avoid situations where someone will react forcefully to their actions. They will avoid you if they suspect that you have a stun gun because this gun is a threat to them. Remember, this threat is only credible if you know how a stun gun works.

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