The Top 4 Dog Food Brands

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The nutritional content and ingredients in dog food can make a huge impact on the health of your pet. If your pet does not get enough of the right nutrients, it can end up with malnutrition. You need to research on what to feed your dog because not all feeds support proper digestion. Some can even cause constipation. Also, dogs are not just fed any food. They need a diet specifically produced for their breed, size, age, and nutritional requirements. Many dog food manufacturers have put these needs in mind while manufacturing. Once you know your dog’s needs, then you can find a food brand that produces healthy and nutritious food. Below are the top four dog food brands that you can trust:

1) Eukanuba

This well-established dog food brand has been manufacturing quality feeds since 1969. Since there are different dog breeds, sizes, and ages, Eukanuba makes 17 different feeds that fit any dogs nutritional needs.

All their products are of high quality and are made of natural animal protein from chicken, which is essential for your dog’s growth. Not all manufacturers include this high concentration of proteins in their feeds, hence why you should choose Eukanuba for your dog.

Their food is also composed of natural fiber and carbohydrates from corn, which sustains your pet’s energy throughout the day. In addition, their food is rich in healthy fats and minerals like iron and calcium. Put into consideration your dog’s breed and size before you purchase the type of Eukanuba dog food your dog would need. Eukanuba indicates the nutritional composition, the age, and benefits of every dog food product.

2) James Wellbeloved

The James Wellbeloved food brand makes natural and healthy feed free from artificial additives like flavors, and colors. Their food is high in proteins from lamb meat and carbohydrates from rice. They also have non-meat and non-grain food options for dogs with food allergies and intolerances. The dog food by James Wellbeloved is made using fine and natural hypoallergenic ingredients. There feed is rich in the required vitamins, minerals, and nutrients for your dog to grow and stay active

3) Pero

This is an award-winning dog food brand in the UK that has been on the market for more than 25 years. Pero prides itself as one of the best producers of organic dog food. Their feeds are made of different content like the high in meat and gluten-free, low calories and gluten free option just to name a few. Most of their feeds comprise of fresh salmon, brown rice, corn, chicken oil, minerals, and vitamins. This brand produces healthy and tasty food for all dog types so that all dogs get to enjoy their meals. They also make food to cater to specific nutritional requirements such as overweight dogs or senior dogs.

4) Royal Canin

This dog brand produces tailor-made food for different and a range of feeds for specific dog sizes and ages. Royal Canin aims at producing healthy and nutritious food that caters for all dogs. Pet owners have reviewed it as the best food brand for their dogs.

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