4 Things to Know About a Breast Lift Vs. Breast Augmentation

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There are procedures you can take for your breast if you are not comfortable with them. It can be due to their large size or bad shape. You only require to choose the right one and from a professional doctor. However, there are two main procedures for the breast, and they are breast lift and breast augmentation. A breast lift involves a plastic surgeon removing excess skin to sagging breasts and reshaping of the tissues. Breast augmentation involves adding silicone implants to the breast to increase the size and enhance the shape. Here are four things to know about a breast lift compared to breast augmentation:

1) Durability

Before performing any procedures in your body requires you to research the type of impact it will create. The breast lift vs. breast augmentation debate shows that the two are very similar procedures serving different purposes. In terms of durability, a breast lift is more durable compared to breast augmentation. This is because breast lift involves removal of the excess skin while breast augmentation consists of adding of silicone. Silicone cannot last long is the breast since it is not organic. Leaving it to stay for long will only bring complications to the body functionality.

2) Size and Shape

Breast augmentation and breast lift are mostly done to enhance the size and shape of the breast. However, a breast lift is mainly done to reduce the size and lift the breast to give it a more natural look. Here then nipples are repositioned upward so that they can correspond with the lifted breast. This does not interfere with the volume of the breast. Breast augmentation is meant to increase the size of the breast where silicon is added. This can be due to imbalanced breasts, or the change of shape due to breast-feeding.

3) Cost

All these are very common, and they require the best plastic surgeon who will guide you on what suits you best. Before the procedure starts, the surgeon will examine so that he or she can be able to determine the type of surgery you require. However, you must be well prepared financially for better results. Breast lift is considered slightly expensive compared to breast augmentation. This is because it involves a more complex procedure that requires expertise. This is the removal of skin and repositioning of the nipple. Breast augmentation, which is also complex, consists of the insertion of implants that gives the breast a balanced shape. These implants come in different sizes and types.

4) Recovery Time

Depending on the surgeon you have assigned, you will be able to know when you are perfectly fine. A breast lift and breast augmentation have no exact time of recovery; it is only an assumption. Nevertheless, research has shown that breast lift may take longer compared to breast augmentation. This is due to the different procedures that you undergo before it is complete. A professional surgeon will educate you on the precaution that you should take towards your recovery. Following the will help to heal fast without any complication. This applies to both breast lift and breast augmentation.

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